Project Turn-Around (P.T.A.)
Rebuilding Communities from the inside out, with a comprehensive faith based program designed to enrich and improve the lives of our youth and families. 
  • Purpose – to foster and assist students in their studies.
  • Programs held after school
  • Help to identify your gifts, purpose and talents
  • Fun and enjoyable workshops
  • Field trips
  • FREE! No cost to the families

Why is it necessary?

Not only does it take an entire community, working together, to create lasting change, but community groups must join forces to provide continued care for residents in need. That means bringing together a variety of services in a far-reaching effort to address the multiple needs in the community. Collaboration simply is the process of organizations working together, sharing resources and a common goal for long-term, measurable community change.

Some of the goals for the coalition 

  • Creating favorable community conditions that will maximize and create opportunity for change in education, economic, health and social environments.
  • Using the community-based process as a way of building relationships in the community.
  • Influencing social and regulatory policies that impact the social, health, and economic climate of the community.

Eld. Pearl Marshall

Sis. Angie Swoop

Sis. Angie Swoop

Minister Darlene Barber

Sis. Jessica Williams